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Top 10 Indispensable Digital Marketing Agencies- 2022

As social media platforms are a great avenue for brand advertising, it has created many paths for brands to engage with their consumers, especially, through influencers. While it is easy for a company to find the best trendsetters with a significant audience, they must keep an eye on the expenses incurred during the planning, creation, and execution of advertising projects. To do so, accounting and finance teams must have the right tools to make measured decisions lest risk exceeding their given budgets.

After an extensive study on top companies that deliver digital applications for companies to stay within their marketing financial limits, our editorial team has composed a series of articles to help readers find the best possible match based on their requirements.

Featured in this edition of CIOReview Europe, SIDN Digital Thinking is a technology provider that enables brands to manage their SEO and have a perfect plan that corresponds with an existing advertising model. Another solution provider is Webgains which combines its proprietary technology and platform to ensure that accounting teams have the correct flow and drive to guarantee the best outcomes from their business marketing ventures.

The magazine also presents articles from advertising and marketing experts such as Melissa Power, Director of Digital Marketing and Branding at SouthState Bank, and Sak Nayagam, Global Marketing Director at Baker Hughes on the best practices that CFOs, CMOs, and similar executives must incorporate in their regime to manage new-age advertising constraints.

We are delighted to present our top digital marketing solution providers in Europe for 2022.

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    Top Indispensable Digital Marketing Agencies

  • One of the specialist Search Marketing companies in the sector, SIDN Digital Thinking’s state-of-the-art and innovative digital products allow clients to globally manage their SEO projects and perfectly integrate those with the corresponding advertising model. The products include SEO and SEM integrated, data feed applied artificial intelligence-based, and graph-based keyword-based solutions. Through its digital products, SIDN Digital Thinking delivers a true end-to-end operation that comprehensively develops solutions according to the clients’ specific needs. The first step of the process is establishing the initial idea, which is then followed by searching for market opportunities. Next, SIDN Digital Thinking designs the transaction processes and digital marketing strategies to deliver an all-inclusive solution.

  • Ampilio


    Ampilio help companies with purchase and advisory services in search media and advertising on the internet

  • CreateX


    CreateX is one of the thriving digital marketing agencies which focus on search engine optimisation, website development and promotions, online advertising, web analytics, usability and consulting

  • Delante


    Delante has been recognized as Top Indispensable Digital Marketing Solutions Provider 2022 by CIOReview Europe Magazine in its august-3-2022 Special Edition on Digital Marketing.



    Densou is a leading independent advertising consultancy company. It’s objective is to integrate data, activation and creativity to improve efficiency and scalability by a combination of skilled people, insights and technology

  • Loud Mouth Media

    Loud Mouth Media

    The Loud Mouth Media team specialise in Digital Strategy, Search, SEO, Display Advertising, Video, Social Advertising, Ecommerce, and Performance Creative



    SAHARA offers comprehensive marketing solutions and specializes in social media management, digital campaigns, website design, performance measurement, content creation, video and ad production, copywriting, and graphic design

  • Upthrust


    Upthrust is an international growth office that focuses on full-funnel growth marketing and building better digital experiences

  • Wise Pirates

    Wise Pirates

    Wise Pirates help growing businesses through digital projects in an unprecedented way – at no risk

  • Wolfgang Digital

    Wolfgang Digital

    As the digital marketing scientists, Wolfgang Digital infuses the scientific method across all our digital marketing activities. The Wolfgang Formula is their methodology for designing and optimising high-performance digital marketing campaigns

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